10 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

preventing diabetesDiabetes may be really difficult to deal with and once you have it, it can cause really big problems for your overall health.

Prevention is always the best route, and if you follow these steps, your risk of developing diabetes will definitely decrease than if you don't.

1. Manage your Weight

It is always very important to manage your body weight to keep your body healthy. Weight management also helps you to prevent diabetes, as a maintained body keeps the sugar level of your body in check.

2. Physical Exercise

It is known that a proper physical exercise keeps the body fit and your health meter up. Well, researches has shown that exercising make the blood flow in the body better and maintains the sugar level in the blood. Hence, this way exercise lowers the risk of getting diabetes.

3. Cut Down Trans-Fats

All the health freaks may be knowing that trans-fats is not healthy at all. They absorb protien which holds insulin from secreting in the body which results in higher sugar level of the body. Therefore, if one cuts down the level of trans-fats intake and avoids them, diabetes can also be avoided and prevented.

4. Say No to Refined Carbohydrates

Controling your blood sugar level is very important hence one should cut down the intake of refined carbohydrates which is usually in the form of white floor, puffed rice, pop corns and pasta. The intake of refined carbohydrate affects the secretion of insulin hence avoiding them, keeps the insulin secretion unaffected and keeps diabetes in check.

5. Go for Fiber

Fiber rich diet is one of the best diet that controls the sugar levels in the blood. Therefore, consume food that is rich in fiber. Multi-grain and whole wheat in various forms can be consumed that helps to gain more fiber in the body aiding the prevention of diabetes.

6. Say No to Smoking

Everyone is aware that smoking is a very serious health risk, and it even causes diabetes. Just look at James Doohan funeral. Smoking has proven to increase the risk of getting diabetes hence giving up the habit of smoking will improve your health and help to keep diabetes away.

7. Green Tea – The Miracle Food

Green tea is indeed a miracle food that is just too good for your health. Consuming green tea without sugar everyday has proved to be very healthy, letting it to bring down blood sugar levels to normal. Thus, green tea consumption indeed prevents diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

8. Go for Small but Frequent Meals

It is always adviced to have small portioned meals frequently that a huge meal at once. This helps to maintain the sugar level in the blood and also bring a proper absorption of nutrients. Hence, thislifestyle aids diabetes prevention.

9. Say Bye to Red Meat

When red meat is consumed in escess, they have the tendency to raise the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Red meat also hard to digest and are digested slowly. Hence, consumption of red meat brings down the level of insulin secretion and brings a greater risk of getting diabetes. Hence, avoiding red meat helps prevent diabetes.

10. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Powder may bring up wonders in your kitchen as a spice, but it also brings wonder to your health. Cinnamon powder is said to be capable of lowering the blood sugar levels.

Consuming cinnamon by mixing a pinch of it with warm water daily will at least help ward away diabetes.

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