Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationDo you envy other women with large breasts? If so, you are definitely not alone.

Small breasts have been the insecurity of countless women across the globe. Thankfully, this problem is now easily rectified by augmentation mammoplasty, more commonly known as breast augmentation.

While this surgical procedure has become increasingly popular over the years, you should note that it comes with certain risks as well. Keep reading to learn more about breast augmentation.

Who Chooses Breast Augmentation?

Contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation isn’t only meant to enlarge the size of the breasts. Many women undergo the procedure to improve the shape and fullness of their breasts as well, allowing them to feel more confident.

Even women who do not have naturally small breasts choose this procedure after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. These three things are known to influence the overall appearance of a woman’s breasts.

It's worth noting that breast surgery can either be reconstructive or cosmetic. The former is usually done as a part of the breast cancer treatment, (visit the Guy Sterne surgeon website for information). The latter is done for aesthetic purposes. Going under the needle to increase breast size falls under the cosmetic surgery category.

Several studies show that women who have enlarged their breasts through cosmetic surgery have enjoyed higher self-esteem.

What are Breast Implants?

This surgical procedure involves a surgeon placing breast implants beneath the breast tissue or chest muscles. These implants are specifically designed to enhance, reconstruct or create the desired physical form of the breasts. Patients can work with the surgeon in choosing among the three types of breast implants:

Saline Implants : These implants contain a sterile saline solution. The amount of saline solution depends on the desired shape, feel, and firmness of the breast. In case the elastomer silicone shell gets damaged and causes a leak, the saline solution will be absorbed and expelled by the body with no harm.

Silicone Gel-Filled Implants: These implants are made from a silicone outer shell. The shell is filled with a silicone gel, the amount of which depends on the target outcome. In case of a leak, the silicone gel either stays inside the shell or flows through the breast implant pocket.

Choosing this type of breast implants requires more regular checkups with the doctor to minimize potential issues.

Composite Implants: These are the least popular among the three. The implants are filled with soy oil, polypropylene string, or another material.

What to Expect?

Keep in mind that breast augmentation is an invasive surgery, which means you need to think carefully before making your decision. Work closely with your doctor in choosing the size and type of breast implants to be used.

In most cases, a general anesthetic is used so you will be asleep throughout the procedure. A local anesthetic, however, is sometimes administered.

Opting for breast augmentation is something you wouldn’t want to take lightly. It will introduce a huge difference in your life, so weigh the pros and cons carefully instead of rushing through the process.

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