Improve Your Vision Naturally With Exercise

eye exercisesDid you know that by regularly exercising your eye muscles you can help prevent having to wear glasses in order to see clearly?

Now you already know that our bodies require regular exercise in order to stay healthy, well so do our eyes!

By regularly exercising your eye muscles you can be relieved of having to wear glasses not to mention help cure a few other eye problems.

You can begin it at any time, from early childhood to old age.

You may be able to correct your vision in the space of a few minutes or it may require many weeks.

The length of time will depend on the seriousness of your eye condition, on your powers of visualization, and on the manner in which you perform your drills and exercises.

A Couple Basic Eye Exercises You Can Do Right Now:

- Start by first removing your glasses. The less you wear your glasses, the better it will be for you in the long run. Whenever you put your glasses back on you are restoring the original refractive error, which the lenses were designed to fix in the first place.

If you have been wearing your glasses for a long period of time then at least begin by leaving them off for as long as you possibly can without feeling much discomfort.

Eye glasses correct the refractive error; they do not do anything to cure it. In fact, the longer you wear your glasses, the weaker your eyes will become.

Taking off your glasses for an extended period of time is the easiest exercise you can do to help your eye muscles.

- If you happen to be near-sighted you are going to have to devote more attention than folks who are far-sighted to your posture, which tends to be poor in myopes.

Always remember that your posture reflects an important bearing on the quality of your vision.

- If you happen to be cross-eyed, try reading with one eye patched, then alternate which eye is patched.

Put an eye patch over the good eye and read a couple pages with the bad eye; shift the patch to the bad eye and read one page with the good eye.

Then try removing the patch altogether and read a couple of pages with both eyes.

If you can follow this practice consistently, you will be on the right track to strengthen the weaker eye in addition to training them both to act as a team. You can check out this website if you need even more information.

- At regular intervals, take a look at a chart or letter placed twenty feet in front of you and by concentrating your vision at the base of the letter, you will use the help of your imagination be able to see it more blacker than the other parts of the letter.

You’re doing this by closing the eyes at short intervals and by imagining that part of the letter darker.

- Go to a window and try to look at a distant object like the top of a tower, chimney or even the top of a tree.

Then look at the face of your wristwatch. Shift your eyes back and forth from the far-away object to the near one (i.e your watch).

Remember though, don`t look too hard at the distant object trying to make out every detail. Just give it quick, easy glances.

When you glance at your watch, however, focus on a single digit on the dial in order to encourage central fixation in your eye. Repeat this process ten to twelve times.

To sum it all up….

Apart from these eye exercises, it is important to develop healthy eye habits like naturally blinking.

Practice rapid shifting, particularly from near to far and seeing a small area at a time to encourage central fixation.

It is important to add that maintaining a proper diet is also important for eye health.

We are, after-all, a product of what we eat. A lack of any essential food or nutrient has its effect in the end upon weight, energy, and our ability to fight disease.

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