Record Sales in US Reported for ADHD Medication

adhd prescription pillsSpecialty pharmaceuticals group pharmacy mcallen Shire just posted its first quarter earnings with an extremely strong increase in sales in their hyperactivity treatment group of medications especially in the US market.

In fact, they’re making about 19% more than they were this same time last year (keep in mind that's $972 million dollars).

Quoting one of their representatives:

“Sales of our ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) treatments INTUNIV, VYVANSE and ADDERALL XR were all up and the overall ADHD market in the US showed good growth.”

It seems like just another example of drugs being over-prescribed to me. “ohh, johnny didn’t do well on his test?

He probably has ADD, let’s talk to a doctor and get him some treatment.”

Meanwhile what little Johnny needs is less Xbox 360 and more studying.

Parents are now-a-days looking for quick fixes for just about everything and sadly this has become one of them.

Let’s keep in mind what we’re prescribing our kids shall we:

Adderall is just a version of amphetamine salts.

Remember amphetamine?

If you’re old enough it was probably called Dexedrine back when you first heard about it, but that’s just the medical prescription form that they had back then.

Even if you don’t remember Dexedrine, you surely remember what the drug called “speed” is right?

Think of it as a medically toned down version of the same stuff that is sold on street corners and first became popular by the beatnik generation (who’d usually inject it).

Now, back to Adderall, if you think just because it’s not Ritalin that it can’t be that bad you’re wrong.

It’s actually (on the scale of how addicting not to mention harmful if used over time) far worse.

From growth stunting, death, heart problems and high blood pressure as starters, this one can be a real problem if taken improperly.

These drugs were made to be a supplement to real treatment for their ADD/ADHD.

By that I mean behavioral treatment. It’s not just something you get prescribed and then forget about it until each month when you have to go refill the prescription, it’s something you treat with education on how to better train your brain to focus.

Whether that’s getting in the habit of taking excessive notes, using a stress ball or other one-handed object to occupy yourself as you engage in another task or any other of the hundreds of treatments that can easily be learned.

This isn’t alternative medicine I’m talking about.

No new-age, hippie, take some vitamin C and you’ll be fine stuff, this is actually how to treat ADD/ADHD.

Just think twice about having your child be prescribed any ADD/ADHD medicine.

You don’t want them to still be taking it 10 years from now…because I promise you not only will they have been affected negatively by the drug, they also will most likely be taking a dosage that's 4x higher due to a growth in tolerance.

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