Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Malem Bedwetting Alarm reviewWhen it comes to bed wetting, one of the easiest ways to tell if your child has wet the bed is with a bed wetting alarm, believe it or not.

I mean, you've got to love technology and the ways it's being used in society today. Can you imagine how much more comfortableyou would have slept as a baby if she had had a bed wetting alarm to let her know you needed changing?

And believe it or not, there are actually quite a few brands and models of alarms available right now. Luckily all at affordable prices.

But which is the very best alarm?

That's what I'm setting out to help you decide.

Malem Ultimate

The first, and in my personal opinion the very best of the lot is the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm.

There are a few reasons I like this particular model so much.

One of the biggest reasons is that it comes with a variety of ways to wake up your child including a loud sound alarm, vibration if that doesn't work, and then there's even a light. Yup, this model will shine a bright light while also making a loud noise and vibrating all at the same time.

This makes it kind of hard to sleep through!

This particular model comes with a "secure grip" clip on so that no matter how much your child moves around in their sleep, the alarm stays where it's needed. After all, what good is an alarm if it isn't atatched to your child!

And by the way, this alarm comes in two different colors, blue and pink. So you're covered no matter if you have a boy or girl.

Chummie Premium Pee Alarm for Deep SleepersChummie Bedwetting Alarm Review

The next in my line up is the Chummie Premium Pee Alarm for Deep Sleepers. It's really close to being as good as the Malem Ultimate, but not quite.

The best feature of this particular model is that it comes with eight different ring tones. No, not ring tones really, but there are eight different alarms which is really cool because if you've ever slept through your alarm, you'll know that you can actually get used to the sound an alarm makes and eventually learn to sleep through it.

That's not possible with the Chummie.

And not only are there different alarms, but there's a volume control as well so if your child is a seriously sound sleeper, you can just crank up the volume and be sure they're getting up when this thing goes off. But hopefully it won't wake the rest of the house too!

The alarm is a bit bigger than other similar ones. And it comes with 2 different atatchments. There's the normal clip on, but then there is an arm band as well.

So if your child likes to sleep on their side, the arm band allows them to do just that, but in much more comfort.

So there you have it. Maybe not a super in depth review, but an accurate one as we have tried both monitors. And like I said, I like the Malem Ultimate the best, but the Chummie does come in a very close second.

So either way you go, I really believe you'll be comepletely satisfied with either.

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